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Colin and The Big Book of Magic

Colin and The Big Book of Magic was shot using Stop Motion Pro 8 Studio. The story is of Colin, a budding magician learning his trade in a loft-style apartment. Stuart is Colin's counterpart. He is a skull on a table who adds a touch of sarcasm and cynicism to the plot.

The Colin puppet was made using a steel armature covered with wadding and a layer of foam pre-wrap (a thin foam bandage). His head is plasticine over a wood block with Scupley eyes. Stuart is made from Plasticine with a jaw, teeth and eyes made from Sculpey.

The lip synch for Colin was created using replacement 'sausage' mouths. Stuart's lip synch was a simple task of moving the jaw as needed.

Post production work was done in Adobe Premier Elements.

The music came from the YouTube creative resources and is royalty-free.

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