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Ski Penguin

Sku penguin was created on a horizontal stage with the iPad (running Animate It for iPad from Aardman Animation) tilted at a 30 degree angle. The props were all then angled to appear standing upright, except of course the skiing penguin.

The movement effect was created by moving the tress, flans and other props past the stationary penguin. The small tress in the background were moved at a slower pace to the larger trees in teh foreground to give the illusion of depth.

The sumersult was dine using a rig attached to the back of a stage by a magnet.Tthe penguin was attached to the rig and the magnet was positioned in each shot to keep it completely behind the penguin.

The music is from the BBC program "Ski Sunday". It is copyrighted to the owner and broadcast under the YouTube license with "third party content" acknowledged.

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