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The Lion Sleeps Tonight

My first music video! This video uitlised chromakey (bluescreen) technology. The clip was made in several layers:
1. A video of some plants in the garden as the background
2. The daisies dancing against a bluescreen - garden in the chromakey
3. The frogs against a blue screen - dailies and garden complied in the chromakey
4. The bird against a bluscreen - frogs, daisies and garden compliled in the chromakey

The lip synch (or beak synch in this case) was done using three changable beaks, one closed, one half open and one fully open. The clip was made using Animate It for PC from Aardman Animaton.

Several parts of the animation footage were used more than once.

The music is copyrighted to the owner and broadcast uner the YouTube license with "third party content" acknowledged.

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